Class Ethos

The Cape 31 One-Design Class has been created as a strict one-design class where the true test when racing is between sailors and not boats. The fundamental objective of the class rules is to ensure that this concept is maintained, while preserving the Cape 31’s ease of handling, reasonable cost of ownership, safety and suitability as a true all-round racing boat.

The aim of Cape 31 US Class is to run fun, competitive and affordable racing in a professional and fair way, with a friendly vibe on and off the water. All crews will be encouraged to mix and join in with regatta social events. 

The Cape 31 is also a proven ORC/IRC performer, and all new US Boats shall adhere to the US Class Rules that have been optimized for unprecedented One-Design racing, as well as ORC/IRC. Cape 31's can easily compete under ORC/IRC while racing under the US Cape 31 Class Rules, however the main objective is to get a strict One Design Circuit started in the US. 


All Hulls, Rigs and Appendages shall not be modified, while there will be size limitations on the sails. Sails can be built by any company in any material, as long as they are IHC measured and comply with any US Class limitations. An 'owner driver' rule will be enforced for all US boats as well a 2 pro sailor limit. (there are caveats for the owner driver rule if for example an owner does not want to helm their own boat, a suitable Cat 1 driver may be approved by Cape 31 US). 


Cape 31 USClass will be ensuring that the ethos and rules are abided by, keeping the racing fair and preventing it from becoming an arms race.


Boat Sales


31 North have already sold almost 30 boats to the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and US. The team know everything there is to know about the boats, how to spec them out, how to get them shipped to you and how to make the process simple and smooth.

They hold the rights to selling and importing Cape 31's to the Northern Hemisphere and are also in charge of second hand boat sales. 



US Class Rules

The US Class Rules will differ slightly from the original South African rules, however the idea is that the boats can easily revert back and comply with SA rules to compete in their Cape Town Invitational Regatta. US Class Rules will align nicely with the UK Class Rules so that these fleets can have 'meet up' regattas in the Caribbean etc. 

The main point of difference from the SA rules are the ORC/IRC optimised sails that have no compromise on sail materials. There are a few other minor upgrades that will be allowed and these are highlighted in the US Class Rules. Another substantial change is that the US fleet allows 2 World Sailing Category 3 sailors to race, while the crew weight limit will be 1311.75 pounds  (595 kgs). 

Cape 31 US Class Rules Summary (Full class rules can be found in the link above)

Crew/Helmsman Rules:

  • The Cape 31 US Class is an ‘Owner Driver’ Class. Provisions are made to accommodate for: part owners, the charter of boats and to provide an owner not wishing to helm the opportunity to crew instead of helm their boat. 

  • Each boat shall have no more than two World Sailing Category 3 sailors onboard. 


  • Hull and appendages shapes and profiles may not be altered. No fairing is permitted.

  • Rigs and bowsprits may not be modified. 


Cape 31 US Sail Wardrobe:

  • 1 Squaretop Mainsail (same main must be used for entire regatta)

  • 2 Jibs (max sizing outlined in class rules, no minimum sizing) can choose amount of jibs to sail with for a regatta however minimum of OSR Heavy weather Jib must be onboard at all times. 

  • 1 OSR Heavy Weather Jib (max sizing outlined in class rules)

  • 3 Gennakers of max area 116.04m2

  • Sails and battens can be made from any material. 

The Cape 31 US Team


Cape 31 US Class Management


The US Class Management Team is made up of 4 different parties, with the clear goal of creating a great racing scene in the US and Caribbean, utilizing our experiences from running other extremely successful classes in the US and abroad. We feel it is most beneficial to have an unbiased, professional and enthusiastic Class Team that ensures the ethos of the class is preserved, the rules are enforced and the racing is fair, fun and affordable.


Owners thoughts and opinions are of course at the fore of any Cape 31 US discussions and are very much welcomed, while we simplify the decision making process by having a small team that makes the ultimate decisions, with the best intentions for the class going forwards. 

One Design Association Management (ODAM) is a full service association management company. They ensure the overall well-being of their Association customers through marketing/public relations and long-range planning. ODAM manages more than 3,600 individual members in US classes such as: J70, J111, J24 and J105. ODAM along with Sail 22 will take on the day to day running of the Cape 31 US Class.

Sail22 is a one design sailing specialist and concierge service for small and large sailboat teams. Sail22, LLC was founded by sailors to help make racing sailboats easier. From the beginning, the company’s trademarked motto has been: Always Happy. Never Satisfied.® Sail 22 are in charge of logistics involved with the fleet and will liaise closely with Dave Swete on US Sales. 

Dave Swete is a New Zealand Professional sailor, World Match Racing Champion and 2X Volvo Ocean Race Sailor who brought the Cape 31 to the UK. Off the back of the success in the UK he is bringing this exciting class to the US (and Caribbean). He has put the highly qualified Cape 31 US Management Team together and is in charge of US sales. 

Christopher & Julie Howell
(One Design Association Management) 

Class Managers


Phone: +14407963100


Ed & Becky Furry
(Sail 22)

Class Captains

Phone: +16163048312


Dave Swete
(Sweet Swete Sailing)

US Sales & Inquiries 

Phone: +447470686717


muller 3.jfif
David Muller
(Privateer Boat Captain, Naval Architect)

US Class Guru & Measurer

Phone: +16019181552