The Boat

The Cape 31 is an affordable high performance 31 foot race boat. Conceptualised by Lord Irvine Laidlaw, designed by Mark Mills and built by licensed boat builder Cape Performance Sailing. The boats are built in Cape Town where there is already a healthy one design fleet but there are now about 30 boat in/heading into the Northern Hemisphere thanks to 31 North Yachting.

This latest generation sports boat usually sails 7 up, with an owner driver and a mixed crew of amateurs and professionals. The boat has proven itself as not only a great one design boat, but also as a competitive IRC/ORC boat. Another great feature of the Cape 31 is that she (along with her 2 piece mast) easily fit into a 40ft container.... this comes in handy when you have the beautiful shores of Cape Town calling you for their annual Cape Town Invitational, or the inviting warm blue waters of the Carribbean. 


Boat Sales


31 North have already sold almost 30 boats to the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and US. The team know everything there is to know about the boats, how to spec them out, how to get them shipped to you and how to make the process simple and smooth.

They hold the rights to selling and importing Cape 31's to the Northern Hemisphere and are also in charge of second hand boat sales. 


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Cape 31 SP-page-001.jpg
  • LOA: 9.55m 

  • LWL: 8.75m

  • Beam: 3.05m

  • Disp: 1800kg

  • Draft: 2.45m

  • I: 12.46m 

  • J: 3.6m

  • P: 12.55m

  • E: 4.5m

  • STL: 5.92m

    US Sail Wardrobe Example:

  • Squaretop Mainsail

  • J1 & J2 Jibs

  • Heavy Weather Jib

  • A1.5 Gennaker

  • A2 Gennaker

  • A4 Gennaker

    Rig Package:

  • Carbon Mast

  • Black anodized

        Aluminium Boom

  • Rod Rigging

    IRC RATING: 1.135

container 5.jpg