US Events


2022 Cape 31 US Series - 5 out of 6 Events to count

(discard only applies after 6th Event)

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Round 1


​17th-22nd January

The revamped 'Key West' Regatta will now be known as The Southernmost Regatta and kicks off an amazing season for the Cape 31 US Class. 5 New US boats will get built over winter for this regatta, while Privateer will be there, as well as a load of interest from the UK and South African Boats keen to join. Teams keen on the Caribbean can then trailer up to West Palm Beach to join the 'Antigua ship' on the 29th Jan.

Round 2


28th April-1st May​

3 weeks after the BVI regatta (leaving plenty of time for any Capes in the Caribbean to return) is the infamous Charleston Race Week. Always a favourite and set to be a regular for the Cape 31s. 

Round 3


​Mid May

Annapolis Yacht Club hosts the Annapolis Nood Regatta in mid May (exact dates TBC) and will be our 3rd round for the Capes. 

Caribbean Events

Please see below our 2022 Caribbean Cape 31 Class Events which will be open to all Cape 31's from around the World and will be raced under the UK/US Class Rules. 


Round 4


​Mid June

A Regatta hosted by the New York Club that needs no introduction. The Annual will be into its 168th Year in 2022 and is set to be as good a time off the water as on it. 

Round 5


Mid August​

Round 5 of the Cape 31 US Circuit sees the fleet heading to 'Chi-Town' for the Verve Cup. Another regatta where the onshore party matches the sailing (I think you will start to see a pattern here!!). 

Round 6


Mid September​

The Regatta that the Cape was built for!! A fleet of Cape 31's on San Francisco Bay will be a sight to behold and with the added prestige of this event, we are hoping that it will be the season finale one can only dream of. 

2022 Cape 31 Caribbean Circuit

Antigua will be a 'standalone' class event while the BVI Regatta will have Class Starts, both count towards the Cape 31 Caribbean Championship. The Cannonball Run will be a 'standalone' Class Event while St Maarten and St Thomas although not part of the circuit, are highly recommended and may have class starts.

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Round 1


25-28th February

A 'standalone' Class Event run by RORC that incorporates 4 Days of windward leeward racing, followed by a 100 mile downwind 'Cannonball Run' to St Maarten, to get you there in time for the highly recommended St Maarten  Heineken Regatta. We will join our UK friends on their ship on the 29th Jan, after the Southernmost (Key West) Regatta. 

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1ST March

100 miles of pure downwind Caribbean Sailing on Cape 31's from Antigua to St Maarten...... the Inaugural Cape 31 Cannonball Run will be run by RORC and is set to be an absolute belter. The fleet will all be based in the same resort in Maho Bay for the night of the 1st to 'debrief' the days action!!

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3rd-6th March

This World Famous Event sponsored by Heineken will see the Cape 31's in action with scope for their own class start. It will not count toward the overall Cape 31 Caribbean Title however it is a highly recommended event that coincides with the inaugural  Cape 31 Cannonball Run arriving 2 days before. 

Cape Town Invitational


You’re Invited! Enjoy a Summer in the South with some of the finest, most exciting one design sailing in the world in a city voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Several British Teams competed at the 2019 Invitational and returned to the UK absolutely raving about the Boat and the Event hence, why Cape 31 UK (and now Cape 31 US) were born. 


The Cape 31, a no compromise, one design racing speedster designed by Mark Mills and built locally in Cape Town, South Africa. Usually crewed with 7 people (595 kg max crew weight) and with 12 boats launched, the fleet offers some of the closest, most exciting racing out there. The idea behind the US Cape 31 is that we have made slight modifications to suit the US scene, however you can also easily switch over into 'Cape Town' mode and be shipped over for their fantastic event.  

The Invitational continues to showcase the South African Ocean Sector and in particular the in-depth industry experience in the boat building and maintenance, mostly in the Western Cape. The objective of the Cape 31 Invitational Regatta is to market Cape 31 globally so that more boats can be sold. Naturally, the more boats that are sold, the more the local industry benefits.


Cape Town is renown for hosting some of the biggest sporting events in the world while being a top tourist destination. With countless activities to be enjoyed in and around the city, it will no doubt be a team favorite and an unforgettable experience both on and off the water.


Round 2

24th-27th March

Another highly recommended regatta where the Cape 31's have secured their own class start. It kicks off with the Round the Rocks race, followed by 3 days of partying and amazing round the buoys/rocks racing. 

Round the island race, Scrub Island Race & a layday ease you into things before 3 days of intense racing around rocks & islands. This regatta has everything & will form the second & final part of the Cape 31 Caribbean Circuit!! Following this event there is ample time to ship back to the US from St Thomas to make Charleston Race Week. 


29th March-3rd April

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